“In Crude, a stunning poetic debut, Taylor Brorby fights for the environmental landscape of his home in the North Dakota Bakken fields ‘like a pike with a hook in its mouth.’ With a passionate voice, profound courage, and deft imagistic skills, he brings an ‘unrelenting and fierce’ energy to the page in hopes of protecting for all of us a ‘world filled with the necessity of beauty.’”

Mary Swander, Poet Laureate of Iowa, author of The Girls on the Roof

Coming Alive

“Taylor Brorby has been as tireless as anyone I know in his fight to protect the planet in general, and his beloved high plains of North Dakota in particular. This account of his visits to the Bakken oil fields and to Standing Rock, his acts of resistance and subsequent arrest, is a powerful call to action, a primal scream of anguish and love for the original mother we must now link arms to protect.”

Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted


“One imagined that the energy industry would find ways to dig deep enough and find forms of pressure strong enough to force the last crushed history of the earth’s vegetation up out of the earth, into refineries, and then into combustion engines, and then into the atmosphere, but most of us had not imagined they would do so by risking the pollution of the world’s deep aquifers, finding a way to foul air and water in a single technology. It requires a seismic response from the human imagination: this anthology is doing that work.”

Robert Hass, Poet Laureate of the United States from 1995 to 1997